Invoice Software that was built for Credit Term SalesMany Features - Easy To Learn - Invoice Factoring Built In

MyBizPad™ can be used for just about any business but has more features and benefits for the wholesale and distribution industry. Distributors, manufacturers, importers and service providers that invoice for both products and services will have 100% use for all of the features offered in our plans.

The system allows the purchase order to be issued to vendors with drop ship instructions to a customer, or invoice a single customer account with multiple locations.

One of the most unique features is our Invoice Factoring Management Module, there is no other software in the market like it and we are proud to announce to be the first company to offer this type of product. Invoice Factoring for business owners is a very time-consuming task in keeping up with submitting invoices along with backup documentation. Our system allows an easy to use consolidated feature that batches up invoices in the Factoring Module. The batch is prepared and ready to be sent out to a factoring company at anytime. The batch of invoices are totaled up and creates a schedule of accounts with your factoring company’s assignment language on it.

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MyBizPad can be broken into several segments and we will discuss each feature by segment and modules:

  • Contact Management and Daily Activity for Sales people – This section keeps up with all your contacts, proposals, daily activity and alerts for scheduled calls or appointments.
  • Estimates – This section is where all estimates are kept and can be converted to invoices as needed. Estimates have due dates and will alert the sales person to follow up with the clients before the due date. It draws from live data without updating the inventory and additional documents can be saved within the estimate folder including images and pdf documents.
  • Invoices – The invoicing module is where all the invoices are created and kept in a list that can be searched by Draft, Unpaid, Paid or Historic Write-Offs. Every invoice that is created will be stored in its own folder and other documents related to the invoice may be stored together in the same folder.
  • Invoicing – Generate great looking invoices with all the needed information. You can offer a discount on a per line item or total amount. Edit the cost of an item, track inventory as you generate sales, select multiple locations for customers that require delivery to specific locations.
  • Images and Document Merge Feature – Every invoice has the ability to store backup documentation and images related to the invoice and may be sent to customers once the invoice is completed. The system will allow the user to drag and drop in the order the files need to be presented to customers, and will create a single pdf file with all the documents and images selected..
  • Invoice Factoring – Once a customer is selected to be assigned to a factoring company, the system will print assignment language on the invoice usually required by the factoring company and will only print that on the selected pledged customers. Every invoice that has a customer pledged as collateral to a factoring company can be stored ready to submit for invoice funding. The system will create a schedule of accounts for all invoices pending. A file will be created and sent by email to your factoring company.
  • Purchase Orders – Create purchase orders easily by sorting by vendor or product lines. Recommended orders are based on minimum order point levels and quantity on hand, quantity on order and quantity on back order. This prevents duplicate ordering, inventory overages and helps cash flow by not over committing to inventory you don’t need.
  • Issued Purchase Orders – this section displays all the issued orders you have pending to arrive with committed amount of totals per order and a total for all issued. Issued orders can be sent out by email directly to vendor and can assign a dedicated ship to location either by your company locations or by drop ship to customer locations.
  • Received/Partial Orders – This section is where you begin the receiving process, and you can either place on back order items or cancel back orders items not received. You can receive multiple times and the printouts will have a date stamp on the printout to keep track of your historic receiving sequences.
  • Inventory – Real-Time inventory product line values, sales history per item and product line, bulk editing and updating features, and temporary price editing models.
  • General Reporting – A complete reporting menu that covers sales and cost, gross profit, payments, deposits, overpayments, finance fees, short pays, write-offs, early payment discounts, accounts receivable aging, payables aging, inventory, and more.
  • Time Totals  (Staffing Only) – Save time with this feature as you create your invoices, the system will automatically create the times for each employee when you finalize your invoices.

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